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Best Gold Buyer in Mesa Warns “Beware of Gold Scams”

Scammers try to find ways to take advantage of good people and the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered plenty of uncertainty in the world, meaning gold scams are more prevalent than ever. The Mesa Tribune interviewed David Nelson of Nelson Estate Jewelers to get some insight on what be on the lookout for when it comes to these gold scams and summed it all up in an informative article.

David Nelson has witnessed a few tricks that individuals have fallen for. The most common is someone bringing a genuine piece of gold to a pawn shop only to receive an insulting offer. In one particular instance a client stopped by a pawn shop beforehand and received a quote of $150 for a genuine gold coin. He then brought that same exact coin to Nelson Estate Jewelers who paid them $1,425, which was based on the gold market at the time.

Another scam that seems to be increasing in popularity is con artists selling “gold” chains, coins, or jewelry they claim to be legitimate, but turn out to be 100% fake.

One client of Nelson Estate Jewelers had been approached at a gas station by someone claiming they were at a real low point and offered a heavy gold ring in exchange for a small amount of cash. The client tried to sell the ring, but unfortunately it turned out to be fake.

Typically, fake gold ends up just being a heavy piece of brass, and in some cases, even just simply gold-plated brass. These fake gold pieces can even look like real gold with what appears to be a genuine 18K or 18KT stamp, or they may even be heavy, just like real gold.

The saddest thing is that the elderly seem to be the biggest victims of these gold scams because scammers see them as an easy target.

When it comes to selling your gold, scrap gold, silver, coins, jewelry, and collectibles, Nelson Estate Jewelers always pays market price, and they also provide free evaluations. It’s important to them that you know the value of what you have so that an educated decision can be made.

Due to COVID-19, Nelson Estate Jewelers makes it a point to observe social distancing guidelines. The number of people permitted in the store is limited and everything is fully sanitized after every client visit.

It’s understandable that someone would want to seize the opportunity to buy gold at a rate that is below market, especially with gold being at a new 7.5 year high. However, some things that seem too good to be true usually are.

Nelson Estate Jewelers has met with many disappointed individuals that have gold rings or gold chains that they bought from someone selling jewelry in a parking lot. In some cases the seller even showed a receipt for the original purchase of the item, making it seem authentic. However, the receipt is usually for a similar item, not the one being sold to the unsuspecting buyer.

Purchasing jewelry from Craigslist or Offer Up can be risky because the pictures online may show an 18K stamp, giving the impression that the pieces are genuine. However, there’s no way to really be certain without having the piece checked out by a reputable dealer who has the tools to test the gold to make sure it’s real.

Read the full article by the Mesa Tribune:

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