Art Glass & Other Collectibles

Art Glass

When it comes to art glass, high-end designs by Lalique, Tiffany, LCT, Galle, Baccarat (for example), can be worth good money. These tend to do well at auction, but sometimes a dealer/trader can help you avoid auction fees. If you have any of these pieces we can help!

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Bronzes/ Figurines/ Statues

Like Art Glass, Limited Bronzes, Lladro, and other porcelain/ceramic pieces have a similar clientele. Again, these tend to do well at auction, but consult with a dealer first to avoid fees. Art in general is a hands on thing. We can help with these items and let you know their true value.

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Other Collectibles

You may be surprised at what items still have value. There are many collectibles still in high demand, such as:

  • Vintage Baseball Cards
  • Paper Money (U.S.)
  • Some stamps (pre-WW2)
  • Militaria, Swords, Antique Guns, etc.

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