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Men’s Wedding Band Options: Comparing Popular Metals

Selecting a wedding band seems as if it should be pretty straightforward. However, many people may be unaware of the various metal options, or what the differences are. Choosing a metal that is suitable for you and your lifestyle is essential when it comes to something you plan to wear for the rest of your life.

To help narrow it down, we’re going to break down the most popular metal options and explore the benefits and drawbacks of each one.


yellow gold mens bands

In its purest form, gold is a soft precious metal (24K). It is usually alloyed with other base metals to harden it, and the percentages of these alloyed metals define whether the gold is considered 10k, 14k, or 18kt, etc. The types of alloyed metals chosen such as copper, nickel, or palladium determine the color (yellow, white, rose).


  1. VALUE: Gold has a very high chance of retaining its value because it is a precious metal.
  2. COLOR OPTIONS: You can choose between white, yellow, or even rose gold colors.
  3. SIZABLE: As a softer metal, gold can be soldered, sized, and even reformed if necessary. Whether you pack on a few pounds of happy, post-wedding weight or join a fitness program with your spouse, your ring can easily be sized up or down.
  4. WEIGHT: Some men prefer a ring on their hand that feels substantial. Heavier jewelry tends to be more comfortable, and gold has a nice, heavy weight to it.

Things to Consider:

  1. COST: There is a higher price point when it comes to gold. Non-precious metals tend to be cheaper.
  2. SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Gold is not scratch resistant since it is a softer metal, so you will want to make sure you have a good jeweler who can polish it up when needed and can make it look as good as new.
  3. ALLERGIES: If you are going to select a gold band make sure that you do not suffer from any allergies to the alloys used. Nickel allergies are common, and nickel is commonly used in white gold. You can opt for a white gold band that uses palladium instead of nickel, but keep in mind that costs more.



platinum mens wedding band


Platinum is a white metal that is actually quite uncommon. It is said to require 7 to 12 tons of mineral ore for processing just to get one single ounce of this metal.


  1. LOW MAINTENANCE: Platinum is naturally white, meaning that there is no discoloration over time, but it can procure an attractive patina. White gold, for example, requires rhodium plating to retain its bright white appearance.
  2. WEIGHT: Platinum is heavy and has a “substantial” feel to it.
  3. ALLERGIES: This metal is hypoallergenic!
  4. RESISTANCE: It’s difficult to scratch platinum and, as an added bonus, when platinum does scratch it’s merely a relocation of the metal, which means that no volume is lost!
  5. SIZABLE: Platinum can be sized!

Things to Consider:

  1. COST: Because of its rarity and processing, this metal is very costly and, in most cases, even costs more than gold!


palladium mens wedding band

Palladium is a rare, silver-white metal that is part of the platinum family.


  1. LOW MAINTENANCE: Like platinum, palladium is a naturally white metal, meaning no need to rhodium plate to keep up with the bright white appearance.
  2. WEIGHT: Palladium is heavy and has a “substantial” feel to it (but it’s lighter than platinum).
  3. ALLERGIES: Palladium is hypoallergenic!
  4. RESISTANCE: Palladium is tarnish resistant and is also harder than platinum, making it even harder to scratch.
  5. SIZABLE: This metal can be resized if needed.
  6. COST: The demand for this metal in both jewelry and industry keeps the value high.

Things to Consider:

  1. DIFFICULT TO WORK WITH: Compared to other metals in the jewelry world, palladium is considered a modern metal. Without proper equipment it can be difficult to work with, and it becomes brittle when heated, which means some jewelers may shy away from wanting to work with it.


Titanium mens wedding band

Titanium is a strong metal that is silver in color and is recognized for its strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance.


  1. COST: Titanium is very inexpensive. You could potentially find a titanium wedding band for as low as $100.
  2. RESISTANCE: It’s resistant to corrosion in sea water and chlorine and has higher scratch resistance than gold.
  3. ALLERGIES: Titanium is considered hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  4. ORIGIN: Rather than a compound metal, titanium is natural.

Things to Consider:  

  1. WEIGHT: It’s extremely light in weight, so some describe it as feeling “cheap.”
  2. NOT SIZABLE: This metal cannot be soldered or sized by any jeweler. This means you may have to purchase a new ring or forgo wearing one altogether in the case of weight fluctuations.


cobalt mens wedding band

Cobalt Chrome has a very high specific strength and is an alloy of cobalt and chromium that is silver in color.


  1. WEIGHT: Cobalt chrome is similar in weight and color to gold, so it can look and feel like white gold.
  2. ALLERGIES: Hypoallergenic, which again is ideal for sensitive skin types
  3. RESISTANCE: Even higher scratch resistance than titanium.

Things to Consider:

  1. COST: Cobalt is more expensive than titanium (but it is still less expensive than gold).
  2. NOT SIZABLE: This is another metal that cannot be sized or soldered by any jeweler.


tungsten mens wedding band

Tungsten is a natural metal that comes in various colors such as white, black, and gray.


  1. RESISTANCE: Tungsten is extremely scratch resistant
  2. COLOR OPTIONS: The color options make this metal a popular choice
  3. ALLERGIES: Hypoallergenic
  4. COST: Very inexpensive

Things to Consider:  

  1. NOT SIZABLE: Tungsten cannot be soldered or sized. In the event of an emergency, tungsten cannot be cut off your finger. It must be cracked using vise grips.
  2. FRAGILE: Tungsten can potentially shatter if dropped.

While there are many options for men’s wedding bands, selecting the metal is one of the most important decisions before design. Now that we have armed you with some knowledge, you can make your own educated decision.

Since your ring symbolizes your union then a timeless, classic ring is usually what most people find to provide the best long-term experience. However, everyone’s ring preference is different and should ultimately be what makes you the happiest!

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