Gold is soaring on low dollar

Gold reached a high of $1366.00 (USD) on 1/25/2018 due to a low performing dollar. Jewelry made out of gold will have a higher value based on the fact that gold is up. Compared to this time last year, gold is up 12.5%. This makes jewelry cost more to retail jewelers. Jewelry sold by clients today would be worth 12.5% more then if they sold it the same time last year! 12.5% doesn’t sound like a lot but when you are selling gold it can add up quickly. If you sold $1000.00 worth of gold jewelry last year on the same date today you would have gotten $125.00 more! Not chump change! If you have jewelry to sell, now is a good time to take advantage of the spike in prices. No one has a magic eight ball to predict where it is headed. View the bottom of our Buy/ Trade page to see most up to date gold prices!

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