Selling Silver in Mesa, AZ

Selling Your Silver, Jewelry, & Collectibles

We are a strong silver buyer! If you find yourself asking “Where can I sell my silver in Mesa, AZ” then we have the answer! To get the most money when selling silver it’s important to determine the value. Even if you aren’t ready to sell yet, our gold and silver buyer is happy to offer a free verbal appraisal on your valuables so you know what you’re dealing with.

We can give you an in person estimate for selling silver: old sterling silver flatware sets, sterling silver tea sets, silver coins and bullion, silver jewelry, and more! We don’t buy silver plated jewelry pieces or silver plated flatware, but if you’re unsure if the silver you have is plated we are happy to analyze and test it at no charge! 

If you’re looking to sell gold, we’ve got your back! We also make strong offers on gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold, etc. Like silver, we also offer free verbal appraisals on any of your gold valuables! 


Silver We Buy

If you’re interested in selling silver in Mesa, AZ our silver buyer is happy to look at any of your jewelry pieces and/or collectibles.

Here is a list of what we typically buy:

  • We Buy Silver Bars
  • We Buy Silver Flatware
  • We Buy Silver Tea Sets
  • We Buy Silver Candlesticks
  • We Buy Silver Bowls
  • We Buy Silver Trays
  • We Buy Silver Jewelry
  • Coins & Bullion: We Buy Silver Coins
  • We Buy Designer Silver Jewelry
  • We Buy Native American Silver and Turquoise Jewelry
  • We Buy Vintage Silver Jewelry
  • We Buy Antique Silver Items
  • We Buy Broken Silver Jewelry
  • …and More!
  • We also buy gold and other valuable and collectible items! Take a look at other items we buy HERE

We Pay Top Dollar for Silver

When you’re ready to sell silver in Mesa, or any other precious metal, you want to make sure that you get the most you can. We take pride in being the fairest gold and silver buyer in the valley. When we buy silver, gold, platinum, or palladium we will purchase it in any size or quantity and make a fair, on the spot cash offer.

Because we manufacture jewelry we have a true need for precious metals like silver, so we can offer more than many standard gold and silver buyers. We always look at how resalable the piece is first rather than just looking at the melt value of the metal. When we look at a piece that can be resold then we pay you for the metal, stones, and the labor that went into the piece. Estimates and advice are always free! 

Beware of shady advertising!

In times of uncertainty you may see gold and silver buyers start to pop up on every corner. Many of these gold and silver buyers claim that they pay the most, but they spend a lot of money on advertising to get your attention. Keep in mind that without having a true need or outlet for your pieces they are only looking to make the most they can by melting the items for a large profit. As an award winning jewelry store, we pride ourselves on our transparency and ethics when it comes to buying and selling jewelry. 

How to Sell Your Silver in Mesa, AZ

Selling silver to a buyer in Mesa, AZ

Come See us!

Bring us your jewelry, fine watches, collector coins & bullion, sterling silver flatware, silver jewelry, palladium, platinum, and gold. Our gold and silver buyer will evaluate each piece and provide a verbal appraisal. Once the evaluation of your valuables is complete, we can answer all of your questions regarding the value and the best way to sell silver. Should you want to sell your silver right away, our gold and silver buyer can make a market-based, cash offer on the spot. If you are in the market for new jewelry then we are happy to take your old pieces in trade toward new treasures! 

​Walk-ins are encouraged! Give us a call anytime!
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Things to Remember When You Sell Silver

There are a few things to keep in mind when it’s time to sell silver. An expert jeweler can offer you more for your silver than standard gold and silver buyers because they have true outlets for them. When our silver buyer evaluates your jewelry, these are some factors that are taken into consideration:

  • Is it sterling silver, or is it plated?
  • Is it a resalable silver jewelry piece?
  • Are there gemstones, and if so, do they have additional value or make the piece resalable?
  • Is there value added to the silver jewelry piece based on who made it? For example, there may be more value for silver jewelry made by Tiffany & Co, David Yurman, or other popular designers.

Coins, flatware, and other silver valuables also have factors that require close attention to detail.

When evaluating silver coins, our buyer looks at certain variables such as: 

  • Date
  • Mint Mark
  • Overall Condition

Sterling silver flatware is mostly purchased by weight, but there are certain patterns that may still be desirable. 

Whenever you are ready to sell silver, or any other valuable items, make sure you are dealing with a company that is ethical, licensed, and experienced.

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Areas We Serve

We are located in Mesa, AZ! We are centrally located near the 101 and I-60 freeways, so we are a gold and silver buyer serving the greater Phoenix area! If you’re looking to sell silver, or if you need a verbal appraisal on any of your gold, silver, jewelry, or collectibles come see us!